The Rescue [Evergreen Cover]

by Kingsley Evergreen

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Made by the fabulous Cherax Destructor. This was made by myself and Julius. But really why are you reading this? The original was better anyway.


lying facedown drunk on the sidewalk thinking of her
is it love or all of this booze that's got me confused? i'm not sure

it's late and it's cold
and you just called to say hello
i should be there for you
i could be your rescue

you need each other
go to her, go to her
no time to wonder
go to her, go to her
how long you've yearned for this
an end to all your loneliness
now you've earned this sweet success

after all these years spent alone, i'm finally found
feel my heart in straight-time pound
to the beat of this strange new sound

so drunk on you
the way you move, your sunset tunes
nothing's how we'd planned it
(one more step towards me)
we have to take this gambit
(with your shaking body)

you need each other
go to her, go to her
don't stop to wonder
go to her, go to her
every moment's led to this
flustered glance and fumbled kiss
now you deserve this happiness

(take you through the cold and snow
to that place we've never known)

i just need to let you know...


released February 4, 2017
Cherax Destructor (original artist)
Kingsley Evergreen




Kingsley Evergreen Stafford, Virginia

An experimental and mostly self taught musician since March of 2012.

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