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The sun is the loneliest of all the stars
for when she's seen, nothing else may shine
and when she doesn't,
all else may die.

This is a concept album about Celestia and her progress from child to teacher. Or something like that.

Track 2 includes a recording you can find here


released February 19, 2017

A big thank you to all the fandom folks I've talked to for more than 4 years, on mlr, skype and discord, regardless of their current status within said fandom- You've made me the artist I am today.
And also thanks to the MIAMI POWER STATION




Kingsley Evergreen Stafford, Virginia

An experimental and mostly self taught musician since March of 2012.

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Track Name: Ballad of a Lonely Sun God
I once asked you long ago
tell me what is you thought.

turns out even you didn't know
now we're all sick because

this little princess couldn't keep her mind shut
though every sign should have told her to.

she kept exploring and diving into
all of our forbidden fruit.

I am the master of a child delinquent
Her talent must know no bounds.

How do I hand her quiet inhibition
towards all those would be friends shes found

Sister sometime, I can only dream,
of what it was like in our youth

but now your stuck there on the moon
I guess this student will make due.

(to reunite me and you)
Track Name: Hello Sedna
I'm ever so slightly dying
bleeding like a star falling flying
10000 miles high
just barely scraping by

Now, transmitting signals
implying the earth is alive
no its dying
we erase all that we've love

alone at last
computer and glass
another craft looms
the occupant has passed

how long's it been
since I ventured out
since the green lands perished
in a firestorm from hell

since the cold copper of this space craft was made
since the last hopes of man crashed into a hydrocarbon lake.